Beautify your home

29. Apr 2021 | Living

Beautify your home

There’s nothing better than your own home. That much has been true since even before the start of the coronavirus pandemic! Most people have spent far more time in their own four walls throughout the pandemic and various lockdowns. Especially now, many view their own apartment or house as an important location in their lives: as somewhere they can shut the door, switch off and do their own thing. Plastics such as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA, also known as acrylic glass) contribute to this feel-good ambiance and come in numerous design options to boot.

Being weatherproof and durable, they protect against wind and the weather when used outdoors. Indoors, meanwhile, plastics provide atmospheric and energy-efficient lighting and also offer stylish and practical solutions for furniture and interior design due to their brilliance, transparency and color intensity.

A protective shell

A building shell does more than just shape the design; it also provides long-term protection against wind, the weather and other external influences. PMMA films protect exterior components such as windows, doors or facade elements from UV light and moisture, so a building’s esthetics are preserved for decades. In this way, plastics help to ensure that your own four walls remain your happy place, even from the outside.

Illuminating examples

Lighting. Getting it right is a question of function above all else. Would you like the light in your home to add an atmospheric touch? Or are you rather looking to illuminate the workplace as needed, or efficiently set the scene in a building?

Whatever function you’re after, luminaires incorporate light-diffusing and light-directing materials to transform sources of light into illumination in the first place.

Plastics like PMMA enable custom-fit solutions for this, whether they’re incorporated as luminaire covers, light guides or lenses: they’re highly translucent, can be used for directional light or diffusion, offer higher resistance, or resistance to scratches.

Often, extremely energy-efficient LED light sources only become a luminaire when combined with plastics. Lighting systems combine LEDs with plastics in both the home and in supermarkets, factory buildings and offices to provide pleasant, reliable and energy-efficient lighting. What’s more, they’re often the most resource-efficient (lighting) resource of choice.

Pretty and practical

What would our homes be like without plastics? Probably quite empty. After all, the multipurpose materials are integrated in numerous things in our everyday lives. PMMA, for instance, is used in numerous applications in furniture design and interior design. From shiny kitchen fronts, sturdy rear shower walls and cool designer furniture, to hugely practical household appliances and partitions, the most important thing is that they last a long time.


Plastics are also often our constant companions – literally with every step we take. After all, architects and fitters rely on vinyl or PVC flooring nowadays – and with good reason. Floors made of these materials feel great underfoot, provide more warmth and absorb noise in the room much better than some other materials. What’s more, they are durable, easy to clean and are visually extremely versatile.

Living your (spacious) dream

Would you like to spend the evening out in the fresh air, even though it’s raining? Or work outdoors on your laptop despite the sun shining bright? Canopies made of acrylic glass over terraces, outdoor seating or balconies let you do just that, since they protect against severe weather conditions. For many people, the outdoor areas of their home are an important extension to their living space – especially during the pandemic. That’s why they should be just as beautiful and comfortable as the inside.